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Judges familiar with G.L.A.S.M.C. activities are usually impossible to find outside the organization. Therefore it becomes the primary duty of the Competition Chairmen to provide the best available personnel. INSPECTION (Military or Law Enforcement preferred), DRILL-OBSTACLE COURSE -PARADE (personnel having experience with motorcycles and multi-wheel vehicles).

Judges needed:

  • INSPECTION - (4)
  • DRILL - (Head Judge & 4 Field Judges)
  • PARADE (Harold Geisler Trophy) - (1-2)
  • PARADE (Russell Teague Trophy) - (1-2)
  • RELIEF - (1-2)

Alternates to Relief Judges, 10-15 minute break each 1-1/2-hour. This relieves all working personnel and retains better continuity in the judging process.


ESCORTS needed (4-5) RUNNERS needed (4-5)

All participating GLASMC members Corps will check in at the Receiving Station located in the assembly area. Allow at least 30 minutes prior to the assigned Inspection time to check in. Captains to check necessary data on Score Forms is correct if so initial it. The Receiving Officer may spot check current dues cards.

At the proper time an ESCORT with a Corps Packet, containing Competition Score Forms, will conduct the Corps to their designated Inspection location. The ESCORT will deliver the necessary Forms to the Inspecting Officers (Inspecting Officers to retain Packet of each Corps until their Inspection is concluded)

ESCORT to return to assembly area to escort next Corps,

RUNNER to pick-up completed Score Forms (NOT PACKET) from Inspecting Officers and deliver to the Score Shack.

ESCORT will pick-up Packet from Inspecting Officers and escort Corps to Drill Field. ESCORT to deliver Score Forms to Drill Field Judges informing the Timer Judge to retain the Packet, until the Corps Drill completed.

RUNNER to pick-up completed Drill Score Forms (NOT THE PACKET) and deliver to

Score Shack.

ESCORT to pick-up Packet from Timer Judge and conduct Corps to Obstacle Course and deliver packet to Timing Judge.

RUNNER to pick-up completed Score Forms plus Packet and deliver to Score Shack.


  1. Fez must be worn for Inspection. Helmets for Drill and Obstacle Course. Failure to comply is DISQUALIFICATION.
  2. Host temple permitted to enter competition.
  3. Following Inspection no vehicle equipment to be adjusted added or removed.
  4. A competing Corps must enter a minimum of four (4) personnel from the same Corps.
  5. No rider/driver shall be permitted to compete with more than one Corps.
  6. Paramedics and Fire Equipment available or in the area.
  7. The entire competition area should policed continually to eliminate parked and unescorted vehicles
  8. Security should be posted at Score Shack. Only Competition Chairman and Chief Judge permitted to enter.
  9. It is illegal for any participant to stand on the seat or on top of any vehicle during Drill Competition.
  10. No Corps member or Spectator shall approach, interfere or question Judges at any time during competition. Such an attempt shall result in DISQUALIFICATION.
  11. To obtain max. results in allowed time. Scorers should thoroughly understand GLASMC calculating methods, using reference charts, to produce the final re-cap for awards distribution and reports.


  1. Unloading and Preparation.
  2. Inspection (100 f't. x 75 f't.)
  3. Drill Field (150 f't.x 300 f't.)
  4. Obstacle Course (200 ft.x 85 f't.)
  5. Spectator Parking.


  1. Chief Judge (1)
  2. Inspection Judges (4) Military or Law Enforcement preferred.
  3. Drill Field Judges (4) Military or Law Enforcement preferred.
  4. Obstacle Course Judges (2) per course.
  5. Parade Judges (1-2 Harold D. Geisler Trophy
  6. Parade Judges (1-2 Russell B. Teague Trophy
  7. Receiving (1-2) Check-in Corps, Preparation area.
  8. Escorts Motorized (4-5) Escort Corps to Inspection, Drill and Obstacle Course.
  9. Runners Motorized (4-5) Collect and deliver Score Form to Scorers.
  10. Scorers (4)
  11. Security (2-3)
  12. Inspection, Drill Field and Obstacle Course layout (6-8)


Score Forms:

Experience dictates less confusion if each competition category Score Forms are different color.

  1. Inspection
  2. Drill
  3. Obstacle Course
  4. Parade -Harold D. Geisler Trophy (2-Wheel)
  5. Parade p Russell B. Teague Trophy (Multi-Wheel)
  6. Packets -Large envelopes to contain Score Forms.
  7. Large numbers on cards -Judges identification of GLASMC Corps in Parade.


  1. Scratch Pads and Pens
  2. Calculators;
  3. 5% and 10% Reference Charts
  4. (1} Recreational Vehicle (1) Chair for Security.
  5. Re-Cap Form.


Area should be isolated using Barrels and Roping or Police emergency tape to prevent spectator interference.

  1. Judges (2) Clipboards -(2) Pens

Drill Field:

  1. Area should be bounded with Barrels (10-12), Roping (900 ft.) and barricades at Field entrance for spectator safety.
  2. Stop Watch (1) -Standard Watch (1).
  3. Judges (4) Clipboards -(4) Pens.

Obstacle Course:

  1. Card Table (1)
  2. Pylons (135 -18 inch) per Course.
  3. GLASMC Timers (Requires 12V electric service)
  4. Stop Watch (1) (Timer back-up)
  5. Judges (J) -(1) Clip Board + (1) Pen
  6. Barricades at Course entrance and exit for spectator safety.

Receiving: (Corps check-in)

  1. Card Table (1)
  2. (1) Clip Board + (1) Pen

Note: Barrels should be weighted as wind will over-turn. A barrel partial filled with water works well and easy .to dispose.

TROPHIES -Max. Needed

  1st Place 2nd Place Inspection Drill Obstacle Course Slow Ride Total
2-Wheel Class:
Mini- Sub Mini 1 1 2 2 2 2 8
0-360 cc 1 1 2 2 2 2 8
361-1199 cc 1 1 2 2 2 2 8
1200 cc and over 1 1 2 2 2 2 8
Unclassified 1 1 2 2 2 2 8
Segway 1 1 2 2 2 2 8
2-Wheel (Best score)         1    
TOTAL NEEDED             50
Multi-Wheel & Track Class:
0 -500 lbs. classified 1 1 2 2 2   6
0-500 lbs unclassified 1 1 2 2 2   6
500 lbs. and over classified 1 1 2 2 2   6
500 lbs. and over unclassified 1 1 2 2 2   6
Multi-Wheel or Track (Best Score)         1    
TOTAL NEEDED             24
Total Trophies Needed             74


Russell B. Teague: 2-Wheel Parade Trophy

Harold D. Geisler: Multi-Wheel or Track Parade Trophy

High Point: 2-Wheel (Inspection + Drill)

High Point: Multi-Wheel or Track (Inspection + Drill)

Dave Swan Sportsmanship: shared vote of the line officers


Any unit wishing to be only judged for the Parade Trophy. Must apply with official application form and be current members of GLASMC. This needs to be done by the business meeting on the day of competition. All other units who have applied for competition (Drill, Obstacle Course and Slow Ride) will be assumed to be competing in the Parade Trophy Competition.


It is very difficult for those personnel functioning as scorers, establishing the competition schedule and performing the awards if the Competition Entry.

Form is incomplete such as omitting;

  1. Temple name.
  2. Corps name.
  3. 2-Wheel- Class in cc's or Unclassified.
  4. Multi-Wheel or Track -Class in lbs. documented by a weight certificate of heaviest vehicle or Unclassified.
  5. Number of personnel participating in Inspection.
  6. Number of personnel participating in Drill.